Paid Traffic Campaigns Common Mistakes

Savvy website owners use paid traffic in their toolkit to target qualified leads and customers. Waiting for SEO to provide ample traffic is a myth and should only be one aspect of a website’s traffic plan. When starting a paid traffic campaign, there are several mistakes that people often make. These mistakes can cause your paid traffic campaign to not work as well as it should.

Here are some of the common mistakes that are made and ways that you can avoid them.

Calls to Action and Landing Pages

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is having your home page as your landing page. When a person clicks on an ad that you have placed they should land on a page that is relevant for the keywords that you have used for the ad.

It is important to also make sure that there is a clear call to action located on your landing page.

If you set up a clear plan and have specific goals, paid traffic advertising offers a great way to improve your traffic and conversion rates.

Failing to do Research

When starting a paid marketing campaign, it is important to make sure that you fully understand your target audience. This includes the consumer’s online behavior and which channels that they are most active in. If you do the right type of research you will be able to reach your audience with a message that they will understand.

There are several keyword research tools that you can use in order to determine the search volume and the competition for your keywords. When beginning your research, start with terms that describe your products or services. You should also search for industry keywords and competitor keywords.

Lacking Campaign Structure

This goes along with setting goals for your paid traffic marketing. It is important to create a structure for the campaign that will organize your campaign into themes. By organizing your campaigns into themes you will have an easier time measuring and managing the analytics of the campaign. This will also help you keep your message relevant for your audience.

Failing to Set Goals

When setting up paid traffic campaigns it is important to make sure that you set up goals that can be measured for the campaign. A good plan will include ways that you are going to get to your goals and will allow for adjustments to be made when you are falling off track.



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